One for all!

Explore the versatility of Rotowash: choose a corded or battery-operated model, select from various widths according to your spatial situation, use different water/dirt water systems and experience the flexibility of one-handed operation or the convenience of two-handed operation. This is enhanced by practical features such as colour-coded cylindrical brushes and the “Rotocart” transport trolley.

Rotowash for escalators

Rotowash für Rolltreppen

Rotowash ESC with special cylindrical brushes for simple cleaning of escalators and passenger conveyor belts.

Rotowash for carpets

Rotowash für Teppiche

Rotowash Plus R30 with removable 7 liter clean water tank for cleaning medium-sized carpet areas.

Rotowash for hard floors

Rotowash für Hartböden

Rotowash Plus R60 with removable 7 liter clean water tank and high cleaning performance, for example on hard floors.

Rotowash for hygiene areas

Modell Rotowash Cordless R30B 48V mit Seitenbürste. Ideal für Fliesenböden und bei hohen hygienischen Ansprüchen.

Model Rotowash Cordless R30B 48V with side brush. Ideal for tiled floors and areas with high hygiene standards.

Rotowash for wooden floors

Rotowash für Holzböden

Rotowash Cordless R30B 48V with special brushes for fine wooden floors, for example in a concert hall.

Rotowash for nooks and crannies that are hard to reach

Rotowash für schwer zugängliche Ecke und Winkeln

Rotowash FLEX R20T with a one-handed handle and clean water tank is the ideal model for cleaning nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.

Rotowash is easy and convenient to transport

Das Rotocart

Rotowash is easy and convenient to transport with the “Rotocart” transport trolley.

Rotowash represents a highly efficient and ecological cleaning solution for maintenance, basic cleaning and renovation. It can be operated with a minimal use of chemicals and low water consumption. With a brush pressure of up to 300 g/cm², Rotowash cleans thoroughly in joints and up to the edges without leaving splashes. Leading flooring manufacturers recommend Rotowash because it is so easy to transport and versatile.